Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Open University Tutorials

I am studying German with the Open University. The course is called 'Auftakt: get ahead in German (L130 link to course description)' and this evening I had my second tutorial in the small bedroom in our house.

Not that the tutor came round with the other students, but I took part in the tutorial virtually, using headphone and microphone and a piece of software called Lyceum.

It is really weird having these disembodied voices talking to each other, their owners physically located in some scattered part of the continent.

Anyway, the tutorial went well. I slipped up once though with an exercise directing people around a map. I couldn't decide whether to direct this woman down the second (zweiter) or third (dritter) road on the left. So I panicked and combined the two, telling her nehmen sie der zwitter Straße links. The tutor was listening in on us at the time and had a little giggle. I don't know if she knew that I know that the obscure word Zwitter is actually the German word for a hermaphrodite! I only know because it just happens to be a Rammstein song!

Select for a link to the lyrics, on the Herzeleid.com website.

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