Saturday, 10 March 2007

Die Reisepässe Der Miezekätzchen!

Well before attempting to cross the EU with pets, you have to get them micro-chipped and issued with a pet passport. You also need to get them vaccinated, especially for rabies.

Our four feral darlings don't like visits to the vets even when they are poorly and feeling sorry for themselves. When they are in rude health and looking for a human arm to test their claws on, getting them to an appointment with the woman in the white coat requires the cunning and industrial clothing of a military operation.

We took our little furballs in two journeys, yesterday Cassie and Simba and today Tosca and Suki. The anti-rabies jab is just a small injection, but the microchipping entails lodging something the size of a grain of rice well under their skin.

I'm proud to say that they all behaved wonderfully. Cassie and Simba cried a bit pitifully in the car down, and Tosca decided to moult eiderdownsfull of fur on the vet's table, but otherwise they took it all in their stride. It must have been the promise of cooked fish for dinner; our pussies are no wussies when there is a treat involved.

We have to take them back to the vet's for a blood test in no less than a month's time to make sure the anti-rabies vaccines worked. They'd better have; it's already cost us £200 in vet's fees these past couple of days!

Information about EU regulations on moving pets can be found here: //

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  1. So thrilled to have found your blog! I'm planning on moving to Germany in a little less than 2 years (saving as much money as possible) with my two furballs and already your experience is helping so much! With organizing, keeping me on track with saving with your wonderful stories, and making me giggle on occasion!


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