Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The First Outing With the Cat Carriers

Yesterday we assembled the cat carriers ready to take our four cats to the vets today for their blood tests.

We decided on Ferplast Atlas 30 carriers (38cm width, 60cm length, 40cm height), which is the biggest in the range before you get more expensive dog carriers.

The cats gave them a thorough checking out. Here Cassie is giving them the once over.

Simba decided they met his approval and thought that they would make a good bed.

Oh dear! Not so keen now! Left to right, Suki, Tosca, and Cassie.

Simba managed to make a run for it before we finally wrestled him in!

We drove the cats down to the vets accompanied by the most pitiful miaowing.
Getting four carriers onto the back seat and boot of a Vauxhall Corsa hatchback was quite a squeeze; larger transportation will be needed to get them to Berlin for sure.

The vet dealt with our brave pussies in pairs. He was taking blood samples to test if the anti-rabies vaccines had worked, and each pair took about ten minutes to do.
Our cats now have a shaved patch under their chins, which they are not too pleased with!

We will get the results back next week. The vet said it was very rare for the vaccine not to work, so hopefully we'll have four pet passports for them next week. If we keep the boosters up every two years, we shouldn't need to put them through the ordeal of another blood test.

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