Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Tanz Mit Laibach

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Last night we went down to the CC Club in London for a Laibach gig. Though Slovenian, a lot of their songs have German lyrics, so this was an excuse to expose myself to the language. And have a good stomp of course.

I admit a bit of trepidation. I didn't really get into their concept album Volk, and this tour was to promote it. Let me say that listening to Volk live and having it on in the background at home are worlds apart. It was total geil! The back-projected animations and film-clips were worth the entrance price alone, and should be a looped installation at Tate Modern. At times, the emotion almost moved me to tears. Especially memorable was a solo singer they brought on (forgive me, I don't know his name nor could tell you the track) whose voice was pure opera, soaring into almost mezzo-soprano.

For the second half they brought on two snare drums either side of the stage, and we knew they were going to revisit some of their old favorites. They did not dissapoint! The drums were played immaculately by two buxom Rheinmaidens in jackboots and short leather skirts. I made a point, purely out of musical inquiry you understand, of keeping my eyes on them to make sure they really were hitting those drums in time and not miming.

Frontman Milan Fras had a strange moment when a sampled 'urgh!' went out of sinc for 'Das Spiel Ist Aus', making it sound like he was throwing up after each line, but it was soon under control. Otherwise the sound was almost perfect for what was quite a small venue, save for a few feedback moments. Amazingly you could buy a double CD of this concert just ten minutes after it ended. They must have CD writers there much much faster than those on my PC. Otherwise, you can download the live concert by following this link.

No posting about Laibach is complete without a link to Laibach kittens by Joel Veitch. Enjoy!

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