Tuesday, 1 May 2007

The Cats' Passports Have Come Through At Last!

And they have a place to put an identifying photograph! We shall have to dig out the guidelines for passport photographs that we had to adhere to when we had ours renewed a few months ago. So no Simba, you can't wear your cool sun shades. And Cassie, no hijab in the photo please!

I have this image of the cats standing in line at German passport control, and the guy there looks down at Tosca and then at her photo and gives the mandatory 30 second hesitation and stern look they seem to have been trained to do.

I think these passports are really quite cool; I wish I had one! (I don't fancy being micro-chipped and given an anti-rabies vaccine though).

Now we just need to sell the house, and off we go to Berlin!

Edit: I've now added a photo of the passports, showing Tosca's open.

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