Friday, 7 September 2007

Bonjour Paris!

Paris Metro by Andie Gilmour
In Paris for a few days. God, how I love this city! I am supposed to be revising for my Open University exam, but the natives aren't so keen when you try and speak German at them; I can't imagine why.

Quick joke: Two German ex-Panzer Division Officers, twenty years after the war, arrange to meet up together in a Paris bar where they used to frequent during the occupation. They don't think being openly German would go down very well, so they decide to pretend to be English.
Well, they meet up outside the bar and warmly embrace after all this time. They go up to the bar and one says, 'Pip-pip garcon, what oh?" (his grasp of 'Englishness' is rather stereotypical), "Martinis for me and my old mate, if you'd be so kind."
The bar-tender enquires 'Dry Martinis?' to which the answer is, "Nein! Zwei!"

Okay, I'll get my coat . . .

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