Monday, 12 November 2007

We have an Offer on the House!

Tentative celebrations, but yes, we have an offer on the house!

Many a slip twixt cup and lip and all that, but the couple who are putting in the offer really seemed to click with the house, the way we did when we first saw it all those years ago.

Let's hope it all goes smoothly, and we'll be soon in Berlin. Realistically, probably not in time for Sylvester 2008 as planned, but surely not much later.

A cautionary tale: A colleague at work was emigrating with her family to a new life in New Zealand last week. So I was surprised to have an email from her yesterday, still at work. I asked her what had gone wrong, and she said that they had moved out of their house on Thursday as planned, ready for the buyers to occupy on Saturday, and for her and her family to fly to the antipodes. But disaster! The buyers pulled out of the contract on Friday, just like that. And with our wonderful English Land and Property laws, there was nothing my friend could do. Well, her husband and eldest son have flown to New Zealand, leaving her here with her youngest son and a house to sell again.

That, of course WILL NOT happen to us!

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