Friday, 25 January 2008

We've Moved House!

Yes, finally, we are in our new, rented, house. We have not moved far; just four miles down the road to Matlock. The views from here, high up above the town centre, are pretty spectacular. Shame about the brightly lit Sainsbury's blotting the landscape. Now we have sold our house, with money in the bank and a short-term rent, we can search for our Traumhaus in Berlin unfettered.

The move went smoothly enough but with a final glitch. At 2.30pm, just finishing the unpacking of the removal van, there was a phone-call from the solicitors saying the sale hadn't been completed; the money transfer from the buyers hadn't gone through yet. And, uh-oh, The Halifax, who were our estate agents, had already handed over the keys to our buyers (very naughty of them!). So when was the deadline for the money transfer before the weekend bank closure? Just 3.15pm.

By 3pm and no money transfer we were looking at the prospect of having someone moving into our old house, whilst we still had to pay a mortgage on it, as well as rent on our new house, and having to try and sell our old house all over again (this time with squatters!). We frantically rang our buyer's mobile and they were in a panic because The Halifax had rung to demand they return the keys, and they had a removal van on the way and no house to return to now. As far as the buyers were concerned, the money was going smoothly on its way to us.

3.14pm and our solicitors rang us to say that the money had gone through at last! Phew, panic over. But we will be bringing a complaint against the Halifax for handing over our old house's keys before the sale was completed.

The cats are all pissed off with us, but haven't gone frantic. We've used a product called Felispray which uses facial cat pherenomes to calm them down. And not just calm them down - they seem half-doped. Ah well, so long as they're not climbing up the curtains. I think I should have some too! We're not letting them out of the house for a few days, until they have become familiar with the house as a place of food and shelter. Not that they want to; it's enough to try and coax them downstairs, the poor dears.


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  2. Yes, thank you for the advert Keith.

    Why do I get the feeling that this comment has been automatically added, perhaps by a screen-scraper picking up on the phrase 'moving house', and that 'Keith', should he indeed exists corporally, hasn't read the actual post?


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