Saturday, 29 March 2008

Caipirinha Time at Paul's Metal Eck

we spent the morning looking around Königs Wusterhausen, a pleasant little cobbled-street town way out to the South East of Berlin and handy for Schönefeld airport if not for Berlin Zentrum.

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We did an outside viewing of a house for sale, and generally checked the area out for living or renting in; very nice, if a little quiet. Meanwhile we were fielding calls on our Handy (= mobile phone) from an estate agent about viewing a house tomorrow morning. The afternoon was spent trying to get back to Alexanderplatz. We'd gone out to Königs Wusterhausen on a red DB (Deutsche Bahn) train (actually, the Regional Express to Schönefeld airport), but had decided to travel back on the S-Bahn. Big mistake! There was evidently some disruption to the running of the trains and we had to change three times, mostly just to go one more stop down the line. Don't believe anyone who tells you the German transport system runs like clock-work!

In the evening we headed out for the infamous Paul's Metal Eck in the Friedrichshain area of Berlin. We were meeting a friend from South Africa and her English boyfriend, who were also going to the Unheilig gig the next day.

The last time we'd been to this 'Metalkneipe' was for the Verboten 2006 Tour, a crowd of Rammstein fans gathered from across the globe, and I had memories of crazy (in the nice sense!) women dancing on the tables to Rammstein videos and copious amounts of Caipirinha cocktails.

So in memory of brain-cells fallen in the call of pleasure, we had ... glasses and glasses of Caipirinha. A little too many in retrospect. We left just after midnight as we had to be up and fresh in the morning for our appointment with an estate agent. Our friends continued until four (or five - the clocks went back this night).

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