Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Return to Berlin and Zepernick

This evening we flew back to Berlin from East Midlands Airport, this time on - gulp - Ryanair. The flight was without incident; I didn't have a panic attack even though the plane was a bit rickety.

We arrived at our hotel in Zepernick getting on for midnight. It was the Zur Panke Hotel & Restaurant Bowling Centre, a strange combination, but the room was spacious and warm. The proprietress had waited up for us, and I don't think she had many other guests, though trainers left outside the doors of other rooms (why? Were they that smelly?) suggested we weren't entirely alone. The next day though, we were the only ones for breakfast. Zepernick at night was very quiet, and it looked like they had even turned the traffic lights off.

Tomorrow we had appointments with a German surveyor we had employed to give a building survey of the house we liked in Zepernick, and with the Estate Agent and owner.

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