Monday, 31 March 2008


Today we had an appointment with an estate agent to look round two properties in Zepernick, North East of Berlin.

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The town of Zepernick is on the river Panke and is next to Barnim Nature Park. Despite being set in beautiful rural countryside it is but 30mins from Berlin Zentrum on the S-Bahn.

The first house we looked at had promising potential. Okay, it was a bit on the small size, needed rewiring downstairs, and the crumbling Communist-era rendering needed stripping off and redoing. But on the plus side it came with a reasonably large plot of land (Grundstück), had a small but well equipped fitted kitchen, and had a newly tiled roof. The owner also had a liking for the Häuser of controversial architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser (check out the house in Vienna) , which showed she had good, if mad, taste.

At the second house we interrupted what seemed to be a DDR OAP women's whist drive. The house was larger than the one we'd seen earlier, but needed to be fully modernised. The upstairs floor also looked like it was sagging in the middle, as the roof in the attic certainly was. We left the old girls to their cards and walked to the S-Bahn station, which took us alongside the railway track on an unlit dirt-track. I don't think we'll be bothering with this one.

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