Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Zweiterbesichtigungstermin Basdorf

Basdorf Markplatz

A second viewing of the house in Basdorf (not to be confused with its Nottingham anagram Basford).

This time we had a more critical look: all the walls are covered in artex and need re-plastering; the sockel needs sorting; most of the floors need tiling or carpeting; the terrace is unfinished; there are few light fittings; there's no shower; the bath in the Keller needs removing; usw.

But, we still like the house, and the village. This could be the one! After the look around (which took over an hour again - we're getting our money's worth out of the Makler) we took the Heidekrautbahn (which means 'heather train') up to Wandlitz. We didn't explore far, but this is obviously a resort town; they even have buckets and spades and inflatable rafts for sale. There is a bathing beach which you have to pay entry to (we didn't), and a nice cafe where I had the best cheese sandwich so far in Germany (someone please tell the Germans about cheddar!).

In the afternoon we headed for the Biergarten in the Tiergarten and had a celebratory pizza with a glass of Pauliner hefe Bier. Note for future reference: take the 200 bus and get off at the Norwegian Embassy (Norwegische Botschaft). Do not, I repeat DO NOT, wander around the Tiergarten for a couple of hours in the hope of stumbling across the Biergarten by the lake. It's not going to happen, just like the half dozen other times it didn't happen.

Suitably refreshed, we slowly weaved our way back to the Ostbahnhoff to pick up our luggage and made our way back to Schönefeld airport.

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