Tuesday, 24 June 2008

London Calling

Today we had a day-trip by train to London with the mother-in-law (or she would be if my Beloved and I were married) and her partner.

We met up with our nephew (again, if we were married he would be mine, but what the heck, I feel proud of him even if we aren't 'legally' related) in Leicester Square. He has moved to the Big City and works for Twentieth Century Fox on Soho Square, meeting with media types for business lunches and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.

The poor lad had only just flown in that morning after a stag party with his mates in Prague. Even though he was obviously knackered he still took us to a nice eating hole and gave us a tour of the Covent Garden area (or as the MIL said, 'can we look around the garden centre?'). Well, never has there been such a tourist trap and a glut of purveyors of tat as the Covent Garden environs, but there's a buzz and a vibe of excitement and of languages and cultures mingling that strangely is missing in rural Derbyshire.

After relieving our host of his filial duties, and I guess he went straight back to bed, we wandered down through Trafalgar Square to the Embankment and across to the London Eye side. There we marvelled at the inventiveness of the many living statues (or mandarins as the MIL called them; I realised later that she meant mannequins). Maybe after our move to Berlin I could busk as one for a living, as I've never seen any there.

After dinner in the St Martin-in-the-Field crypt and a walk around theatre-land we eventually made our way back to the new St Pancras station in the evening (and what a magnificent job they've done of the station!).

Tired out we landed back home near midnight, with four angry pussies wondering why we hadn't been back earlier to feed them. At least tomorrow we can have a lie in - oh, but wait, we're driving down to Luton early tomorrow to catch a flight to Berlin!!!

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