Thursday, 17 July 2008

Bauamts, Beaches, and Industrial Rock

Last night we flew into Berlin from Luton, and travelled up to Basdorf to stay at the Barnimer Hof, a pleasant hotel with spacious rooms, friendly staff, and a cracking breakfast buffet. How such a small village can support a 22 room hotel is a mystery, but there were plenty of guests and visitors to the restaurant.

Today we had an appointment with the estate agent at 9am at the Bauamt, or Building Authority, next to the railway station in Wandlitz. We wanted to see the original architectural plans and Building Certificates showing that the house we want to buy didn't have any known defects, complied to building regulations and planning permissions, and was i.O. (in Ordnung). These had been requested from the Bauarchiv, which is a repository of all building applications and plans in Germany.

Everything looked okay, and we requested copies of all the architectural drawings and building applications and certificates. If nothing else, the floor plan and elevation measurements would inform us how much floor-tiling and wall-paint we'd need. 

Afterwards we went for a walk along the shores of Wandlitzsee. 'See' in the name doesn't mean 'sea'. Here it is der See, which means 'lake'. 'The sea' is totally different, it is die See! To conflate confusion there was indeed a sandy beach, beach-huts, beach-volleyball, swimming boards, a surf-boarding school, and shops selling ice-cream and buckets and spades.  But this is not the sea-side, right?

In the afternoon we drifted back to Alexanderplatz and checked in at the Park Inn on Alexanderplatz, which we have been to before, but this time we were on the 22nd floor and so got a bit better view than just the building site.

And this evening we dressed up in black (just for a change) and went to the Kreuzberg area of Berlin to the Kato Club (follow this link only if you are not in a 'quiet zone'). We went to see the Industrial Rock group Combichrist perform (again, only follow this link if your speakers are muted or you are alone in the room and not liable to scare the dog/cat).

A fantastic gig, but after it we think that tomorrow THE NOTAR WILL HAVE TO SPEAK UP!


  1. By co-incidence, we explained "Bauamt" this week on German Words Explained:

  2. So you did!
    You might also add that potential house-buyers might want to contact das Bauamt to check that any building-work done to the property met with planning and building regulations.
    Whilst you are there, you might also want to check out any Flächennutzungsläne or Bebauungsläne for the area, just in case the Council are planning to build a factory or something next-door ;¬)


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