Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sun, Sand, But No Signing

Well, it doesn't look like we'll be signing a contract for the Basdorf house with the Notar today.

The bottom line is, we are unhappy with the seller's contract. It's clear that they are a property company just interested in buying auctioned properties on the cheap and selling them on for as much profit as they can whilst doing as little as possible. Their contract is a one-size fits all whether their item of sale is a shop, a factory, a family house, or a plot of un-occupied land. It is sold-as-seen and the contract doesn't even stand by anything the estate agents told us about room size, whether the fitted kitchen actually works, or even if there is any asbestos or unexploded bombs underneath the garden. That's understandable as they aren't the owner-occupiers and have a business to run, but it doesn't make us feel comfortable about spending our life-savings on a property which, according to the contract, they can't guarantee won't be burnt down or blown up before we get the keys. We are digging our heels in to get a better contract and won't sign today.

But we're in Berlin! So, what do you do in Berlin? You go down to the beach of course! Near the new Hauptbahnhoff at the moment is Sandsation , an international sand sculpure exhibition. I really loved this; sand sculptures by artist from around the world with gob-smacking imagination in their creations, and it is in the centre of Berlin. It was a lovely summer day, and there were deckchairs from which to appraise the masterpieces, and free hand-outs of sunblock (meanwhile in England it is grey and rainy). 

See some of the sandsculptures here on my Beloved's website (and buy prints if you want!):

We then went for a walk along the banks of the Spree to Bellevue, a stroll around the lovely Englischer Garten im Tiergarten, then eventually lunch and Weißbier in Alexanderplatz with a naughty Eisbecher to follow. And so to the plane back to England where we landed in cold, grey, wet, Luton. Ah, back to the Heimat, oder?

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