Sunday, 24 August 2008

Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We Go!

So, this is it.
Tomorrow we are driving down to the Eurotunnel terminal (with four cats don't forget!) and across to Dunkirk or possibly Bruges. Tuesday we then drive to Basdorf bei Berlin and our new home. We have borrowed a car for the trip from a kindly relative, but this means that then my Beloved has to drive all the way back to the UK Midlands (this time via the Rotterdam-Hull ferry) to return the car, then fly back to Berlin. I, meanwhile, have to get the house in Ordnung and passify four homesick cats. I am sure it will all go swimmingly, and thanks to everybody, family and friends, who have given their support and best wishes. I don't think many of you thought we would actually go through with this change, but thanks to your encouragement we are about to make our dream a reality! Vielen Dank! And see you in Basdorf!

p.s. okay, I know that the mien of this blog might suggest we wanted to get to Berlin, but hey, we are just on the outskirts of that wonderful city and in a place which also begins with 'B'. When you are aiming a dart from a thousand kilometers away, that's almost a bulls-eye!


  1. When you get in and get settled I would love to meet up with you. Just let me know when!

  2. Best of luck! Will you update us soon? My hubby and I are planning a move to Berlin this coming summer. I'm especially wondering how things go with your four cats! We have a handful of rescue cats that are like our children, so we'll certainly be taking them with us (we're in France now), but I'm concerned about the logistics of renting with them, what the attitude will be towards multiple cats, etc. Do keep us filled in!


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