Saturday, 18 October 2008

Besuch von den Eltern 2

This week we have had my Beloved's father and his partner visit us.

We gave them the obligatory guided tour of the sites in central Berlin (we're getting this off pat now - we could start doing paid tours soon!), a session or two in the beer tent at the Oktoberfest in Alexanderplatz, and a wander around Basdorf village.

Here are a few of the photos I took around Basdorf. This is of the rear of our house:

Here is my Beloved and her father checking out the restaurant menu at the Barnimer Hof. "Hmm, not much vegetarisch." "So, what are Schweinshaxen exactly?"

And here is the main shopping street in Basdorf looking seasonally autumnal:

Select this link to view my full photo-set of Basdorf photos on Flickr.

I believe they enjoyed their first visit to our new house, and indeed their first visit to Germany, though we may have tired them out. Hopefully they will want to return, perhaps when the evenings get longer and warmer and we can sit out in a Biergarten.

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