Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New, Improved, Website Launch!

Endlich, at long last, I have finished a new design for my Beloved's website!

It features all of Julie's gorgeous, sumptuous, entrancing photos of the places we've lived and countries we have visited (all available as personal prints or for use in publications at negotiated prices!). And now it is all presented through dynamically created pages with a much improved search and navigation facility.

There are of course now lots of photos of Berlin and the area where we live, so please pay a visit and enjoy. It would be even better if you wanted to buy a print too!


 (I am currently available for web designing if anyone out there wants something similar).


  1. It's nice, striking.. and easy to use/navigate.

    Interesting to see you've pent a lot of time in my former neck of the woods (Derbyshire). Lots of familiar views there... you clearly had good weather for once!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Cathy.

    Yes, my main brief was to make it easy for the visitor to find an image fitting their needs out of the thousands in the database. So I am pleased you found it user-friendly.

    My second consideration was to make it visually stand out from all the other image databases on the web and at least be memorable. So, I've deliberately moved away from looking like all the 'out of a box' website designs. Hopefully people won't find it memorable because it looks so ugly though!

    We have lived in and around Matlock, Derbyshire, for many, many years. So it's not surprising J has so many photos of the Peak District. If there is one thing we miss about the part of Germany we live now, it's that it is in the middle of an enormous, flat, glacial flood-plain; not a decent hill for kilometres around!


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