Thursday, 2 April 2009

Steam Trains at the Bottom of the Garden

It can be a bit noisy having a train-line at the bottom of your garden, but you get used to it and in a way it can be quite reassuring (especially in the middle of the night) that life and regularity are going on around. Better, I think, having peace and quiet and birdsong punctuated by a heartbeat of excitement rather than the constant drone of road-traffic. Eventually the trains become part of the pattern of background noise, and you rarely notice it. What the cats think of it is another matter; they often still run inside when a train passes by, but then that's better than they wander nonchalently onto the rail-tracks and try and outstare an oncoming locomotive.
But this place being this place you still get surprises, like the occasional steam train running by. Basdorf has a long history tied up with the railways, and a local steam train preservation society has a rail museum just up the line. Now and then they run excursions on old stream trains along the Heidekrautbahn track, and so this scene sometime unexpectedly occurs:

Not that I'm a trainspotter or anything, but if I were, this would be a perfect house to do it from!
They sure are noisy and dirty though; thank goodness public transportation has moved on since then to become more greener, leaving these relics of a less technologically advanced age to have the occasional outing to remind us how filthy and unecological they were.

p.s. yes, for the the observant amongst you, the train is going backwards (note direction of steam plume)!

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