Thursday, 2 April 2009

Wind Power!

The landscape for miles and miles around Basdorf is, as I may have mentioned, very very flat. This makes it the perfect location for wind turbines, and so we thought we would take the bikes up the Heidekrautbahn to Klosterfelde and take a closer look at some.

In the fields between Klosterfelde and Stolzenhagen there are about a dozen or so turbines, and most impressive they are close up:

Many people object to them of course, and back in Matlock there is a controversial plan to site wind turbines on Matlock moor which is causing heated debate on both sides. 

I am firmly in the pro- lobby. You can close your eyes to it if you want, and stick your fingers in your ears and go nah-nah-nah-can't-hear-you, but the 'uncontrovertible proof' is that the planet is heading fast towards climate change catastrophe, and we had better do something to slam on the brakes quickly. If we carry on pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere to generate our energy needs, then we are only hastening the day when the Earth decides another species would be better custodians of its environment. Such as kittens.

But if I can't convince the carbon-burning dinosaurs on the folly of their ways with science (and infinitely greater brains than I have tried and failed), then at least may I appeal to their sense of aesthetics? What would you rather have in your back-yard? A line of these graceful wonders of design:

Or this infernal Dantean landscape? 

Some objectors complain about the noise they make, but we couldn't hear anything until we were directly under one, and then only a steady swish-swish-swish. The only problem I have is that they are so mesmorising standing under one looking up, that after a while you start to get dizzy!

Anyway, we continued cycling on to Stolzenhagen, down past the beautiful Stolzenhangener See to Wandlitzer See, West along the side of Rahmersee to Zühlsdorf, and from there back through the forest to Basdorf.

Interestingly, on the way back through the forest we discovered a number of old DDR Watchtowers such as they had on the (heavily guarded) East German borders. But more about them in another post (when we have found out about them!):

p.s. to contact the Matlock Wind Farm Support Group email and/or join the group on Facebook.

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