Monday, 1 June 2009

Adventures In Gardening 2 - Snakes Alive!

Previously, we've discovered a nest of snake-like blindworms in the garden, but today Suki discovered a real snake.

Pictured is a grass snake (Ringelnatter in German) which our smallest cat was tentatively patting on the lawn. Thankfully grass snakes are totally harmless and non-poisonous, otherwise Suki might have got a nasty shock. Before she could bring it into the house through the cat-flap, I put the snake into a plant-pot and took it out of the garden to safety.

Unlike the blindworms it felt roughly scaly, cold, and didn't seem so muscular as the blindworms. When I let it go it zoomed off in a straight line with a speed which surprised me.

I've never had a snake in the garden before, but I guess this is what comes of living in a Naturpark. Hopefully we won't get wild boars in the garden like some residents on the periphery of Berlin have reported, but a wild deer (which we've often seen from the Heidekrautbahn train in the area) in the garden would be toll (=amazing). At least Suki would have a job getting one of those through the cat-flap!

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