Saturday, 4 July 2009

All Nations Festival - Tag der offenen Tür in Botschaften

Today we visited nine countries, namely:

  • Bolivia
  • Iraq
  • Luxemburg
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Panama
  • Venezuela
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

OK, more accurately we visited the embassies of nine countries.

Today a lot of the embassies in Berlin (a lot more than just those we visited) opened their doors to visitors and showed off their food, national costumes, music, and tourism and trade opportunities.

This was successful to varying degrees, so Venezuala gave you free food and a tot of rum, free posters and other goodies, a tombola raffle, Venezualan music, the chance to try on Venezualan headresses and hats, and a film show about the country.

Malta meanwhile just had a man dressed rather silly (see above right).

Malaysia put on the most colourful and interesting display:

And had the most tempting food (unfortunately not free!).

It would have been better if the embassies you really wanted to have a peek inside were open. Fortress USA for example, or the magnificent gold-adorned Russian embassy. Or the British Embassy of course, just to let them know we were still here.

Just to remind you that you were still in Berlin though, between embassy visits we took the 100 bus past Tiergarten, where from the top-deck you got a view of a group of thirty or so naked people lounging uninhibited in the park.

Some of the embassy displays weren't so successful; the Zimbabwian one might have been more welcoming if they didn't have portrait photos of Robert Mugabe staring down at you from every room. And the Iraqian embassy was the only one where you had to sign in. Still, the All Nations Festival was an interesting affair, and we had a good day out in the company of a great bunch of people here to do a Masters Accountancy course (or something like that. They have exams the following week, so good luck guys!).

And the prize for the widest dress goes to ... Panama!

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