Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Here Comes Winter!

We've just put the clocks back, the darkness is drawing in, and it is beginning to feel like Winter once more. Just to prove it is on its way, the temperature dropped today and it snowed the first snowfall for the back end of 2009.

It's not the first snow in Berlin though. That arrived last week by lorry, for the Rodelbahn (toboggan run) at Winterwelt (Winter World) on Potsdamer Platz. Well, it's called a toboggan run but it is in fact a snow-covered artificial slope 12m high & 40m long, which people slide down on rubber rings to the sound of 80's pop music at 1.50 euro a go. The Alps, this is not. But fun all the same, perhaps helped by a good warming with Glühwein beforehand.

The cats acted like they had never seen snow before, and miaowed at us to make it stop and for it to get warm again so that they could go outside. I don't think they remember last Winter when it got down to minus 22 degrees. Then, I couldn't even break the frozen soil with all my weight onto a spade, so the cats had no chance with their little paws trying to dig to go to the toilet. Hopefully this Winter won't be so severe, or at least we have enough supplies of kitty litter.

For now, we can enjoy the novelty of a gentle snowfall and curl up together with a warming hot chocolate. We might even go tobogganing!

Here are a few photos of the first Winter snows in our garden:

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