Thursday, 10 December 2009

Ragdoll Fantasy Adventures!

I've just finished a website for a friend in Trieste for her to sell her book 'Avventure Gattartiche' (in Italian) or 'The Catartic Adventures' (in English).

I think I can safely say it is the only trilogy of stories about the fantastical adventures of a family of ragdoll cats on the Internet!

The website gives a taster from each of the three books, and if you like them you can pay through PayPal and download the books as PDF files to read on your PC. There are also lots of photos of the authoress' own ragdoll cats, and other true short stories starring, yes you've guessed it, cats!

Please check it out, and if you do decide to buy it, note that all the money from the sales goes towards looking after, and finding homes for, stray cats in Trieste. So, all for a good cause.

'Le Avventure Gattartiche' di Francesca Doria

'The Catartic Adventures' by Francesca Doria. Ragdoll cat fantasy stories to download.

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