Friday, 23 April 2010


Finally we made it to Templin, a small town in the Uckermark district of Brandenburg.

click here for map to see where we got to

It is a charming town with a centre based around a pink and white Rathaus and a busy market square.

The centre sits on the top of a small hill and still has a mediaeval layout, encircled by a complete town wall:

Set into the wall are three gatetowers; Mühlentor (the Mill Gate):

Berliner Tor (the Berlin Gate):

And Shultor (the School Gate):

There is a small candy-box protestant church, the Marien Kirche.

But the oldest building in Templin is the St. Georgen-Kapelle, a Gothic dating back to the 14th Century with ribbed vaults and a Gothic carved altar. It was one of just a few structures that survived a devastating fire in 1735 (the other structures being the three gates I've just mentioned, the town walls, and a handful of buildings). After the fire, a town ordnance was put in place that all citizens must keep a wooden fire engine and a leather bucket in their house!

Anyway, it was particularly nice to see this chapel today because it is St George's day!

Here are a few more photos giving a feel for Templin town centre:

The writing on the last one, by the way, translates that 'Todays saver is tomorrows winner".

Templin seems like only a small town, but in terms of area it is actually the seventh largest town or city in Germany according to this table. Famous people associated with Templin include the former leader of the GDR (DDR) Walter Ulbricht (but only because he died at a government guest house near here), and our very own Angela Merkel, who grew up and went to school here.

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