Friday, 27 August 2010

Ein Grünspecht im Garten! German Garden Wildlife

I really love living amongst the forest, particularly when we get a visitor to the garden that you'd be unlikely to get in a city. Today we had a green woodpecker pecking around on the lawn, the first time I have ever seen one so close. We quite often get 'great spotted woodpeckers', especially up our tall trees, tapping away, but this is a 'green woodpecker' first!

We also had a small, cute hedgehog snuffling around. I gave it a spoonful of cat-food to eat, which it gobbled down noisily.

The most exciting creatures to pass through our small piece of woodland though, are the red squirrels. Not wishing to be racist, but they are so much more colourful, agile, and just damn sweet with their tufty ears, than the fat grey squirrels that have taken over much of Britain. Unfortunately they have proved too fast for me to get a good photo of them. When I do though, I'll post it here.

Luckily the cats were too busy sleeping to notice any of these trespassers!

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