Sunday, 16 January 2011

Simba ist gestorben - Simba has died

15.08.99 - 16.01.11

Our cat Simba - little Simbi - has very sadly died.

It is probable that he developed feline infectious peritontis. What is certain is that he brought a great deal of joy and love to our lives, was taken away too soon, and will be sorely missed.

We adopted Simba from the Chesterfield Cats Protection League when he was just a tiny kitten you could hold in the palm of your hand. We hadn't planned on taking care of him: we'd actually gone to see his mother, Cassie, but it was clear that if we were going to home Cassie, then Simbi would have to come too. That was a decision we can never regret.

Here are some photos spanning his life. I hope you are resting in peace little sweetie, sleeping on an eternal sunny day in your deckchair or chasing mice and jumping in and out of cardboard boxes, and maybe just maybe you will rub against our legs again some day in the great beyond.

Simbi kitten playing with cardboard boxes

Simbi playing with his mother, Cassie

Simbi keeping guard of the house

Simba after a drop of Becks (not really, and it is the non-alcoholic version!)

Excuse me, I am trying to sleep!

Total relaxation!
Sleeping in the sun on our terrace in Basdorf

The last photo I took of him - getting ready for Xmas!


  1. He looks like a gorgeous cat and he definitely landed on his feet when he found you to look after him.

    FIP is horrible - and sadly incurable. But he had a good long and happy life. I hope you have lots of happy memories.

    Will you be welcoming a new cat into your life soon?

  2. Aww Andie, I can feel your pain. I lost one of my kitties the same week yours passed. They bring us such joy - and such unconditional love, it's hard to not feel your heart break a little when they go to the great mouse chase in the sky.

    I'm sending you and Julie lots of love and hugs, and a better year this year than last. You all deserve it!


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