Friday, 18 February 2011

Now Suki has Left us Too

29.05.98 - 18.02.11

Just a month after our Super Simbi died, now our sweet little Suki has also passed on to play in the Tabby Hunting Grounds.

They were both unwell at the same time, but they died from different causes. Suki had developed bad teeth problems that caused an infection that got into her sinuses, making her face swell and her eyes weep. The vet removed the bad teeth, including one of her canines, but the infection got worse despite antibiotics and lots of TLC. Though managing to eat lots, she lost weight rapidly, and as she was the smallest of our kitties she didn't have much weight to begin with. In the end, she was anaesthetised again by the vet to look at her mouth, and the abscess was getting really bad. She had been in pain, and frequently gave out the most aweful screams. So we made the sad sad decision to tell the vet to let her carry on sleeping and not bring her out of the anaesthetic.

Despite being so small, she was always the most adventurous of our cats, and the best hunter. On many occasions she came in through the cat-flap dragging a rabbit or jay twice her size, or was caught sneaking in after a visit to the lake in the woods, duckling feet dangling from her mouth.

Here's to the memory of our tiny Jägermeisterin, probably now terrorising the ghost mice and squirrels in the afterworld, and perhaps even playing with Simba again.

Sweet dreams little one, you are dearly missed.

Suki on a Santa hat, dreaming of mice pies for Christmas

Sunbathing by the pond

Suki surveying her domain

With her sister Tosca. They were both 'rescue' cats

Cat in a box!

Sweet tabby dreams

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