Sunday, 20 March 2011

Howling at the Supermoon!

Last night we witnessed a most beautiful perigee-syzygy.

No, that's not some kind of exotic Polish dish, but is simply the name for the alignment of three celestial bodies in the same gravitational system (in this case the Sun, Moon and Earth) coinciding with the perigee - the closest approach - of the Moon to the Earth.

Or put even simpler - a whopping, great big full moon! A Supermoon!

Sod's law is that on these occasions the skies cloud over, but last night there were perfect viewing conditions. We are also close to the Spring Equinox, and the Moon-gazing experience was doubly enhanced by long straggy v-lines of migrating geese returning to Europe crossing the Moon high above, their calls echoing through the still night.

Here is a photo I took, with my hand-held camera on maximum zoom and the auto-focus and light metre screaming at me 'WTF you doing, man?'

Spring Supermoon 2011

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