Saturday, 2 April 2011

Springtime in Lübars

It is often remarked that Berlin isn't just one city, but a collection of towns and villages, each with their distinct character and contuing independence. This is down to the Greater Berlin Act of 1920 which forged the metropolis of Berlin from numerous suburbs and outlying settlements. Many townships resisted this amalgamation, and some, like Spandau, still carry on as if Berlin was just a neighbouring town.

This makes for wonderful diversity, and one example of it is the district of Lübars which still has a village green beside a church and a village inn. Here there are farms, riding stables, and rolling meadows around the picturesque Tegeler Fliesse (a small river), and it is hard to imagine that you are still in North Berlin.

Here are some photos I took of Lübars on a sunny Spring day:

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