Monday, 24 October 2011

Maybe Baby

What would you do if you suspected you might be pregnant (German: Schwanger)? Apparently, in Germany anyway, one option would be to go to the railway station and get a pregnancy kit from the automatic dispensing machine. That's what is being advertised here in any case:

Shwanger? Then put your coins in the machine down the Bahnhof and get a pregnancy testing kit.

Now, I don't think a railway snack dispenser would be my first port of call in such a situation. Not unless I felt a bit peckish for a Twix as well. Or maybe I'd got bored waiting for a train and thought, 'I know, I think I'll just test to see if I am pregnant before the S2 to Alexanderplatz gets in.'

Interestingly, the Maybe Baby pregnancy tests are stacked just next to the BillyBoy condoms, and at 8€ a pop for the test compared to 3€ for condoms I think the Selecta people are implying it would have been better value for money to have used the Johnnies in the first place. Considering how many times I have pumped in 80 cents for a packet of Nic Nocs (crispy coated peanuts) only to have them not drop down into the dispenser, 8€ is quite a risk. Not quite the same level of risk as unprotected sex of course.

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  1. HA. I love the name of the kit even more..."Maybe Baby." Brilliant.

    I have to say I find the idea of getting one of those from a vending machine nice for the moment when you maybe don't want to have to deal with another human being in buying one. Otherwise, there is something strange about putting it in the train station. Then again, I can't think of anywhere else where something would be more appropriate. In the women's bathroom maybe?


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