Friday, 25 January 2013

Fernsehturm with Full Moon at Dusk

The camera on my mobile phone isn't all that spectacular, but sometimes it comes in handy (!) to capture a perfect moment.

Here I have snapped the Fernsehturm from across the Holocaust Memorial with the full moon and a dusting of snow. Low-res, but quite evocative of the moment, I think.

Friday, 11 January 2013

What a Sauce!

Finding the staples of British cuisine in Berlin can be hard, but not impossible. Strangely enough, the many Asian shops are a good start.

You can however be balked by the price. Here I spotted HP Original brown sauce, labelled at just 89p, on sale for 2.25€. Either the euro's exchange rate has fallen dramatically, or someone is making a large profit.

Sonderangebot: HP Brown Sauce only 2.25 €
PG Tips seems to be the only British branded tea you can get (also in the Asian shops), but at nearly 5€ for what is not a particularly high quality of tea-bag I think I'll give it a miss. Besides, when our Mothers come over they usually have their hand-luggage full of Yorkshire Tea teabags anyway, for that taste of home.

PG Tips
But if you do want something to dunk in your PG Tips, you can actually buy McVities Digestives (at 3.49 €!).

Dunkin' Digestives

That's about it for speciality food from the UK available in German shops. At these prices though, it might be profitable for me to open a shop in Berlin selling Jacobs Cream Crackers, Branston Pickle, and Cornish Pasties. Or maybe not.