Sunday, 17 March 2013

Immer Winter

It seems like it is a long, long Winter this year. Though we have had Winters with more snow, this year feels like we have had fewer days when it has ever totally cleared. After a week when it seemed like Spring was coming, and the Council workers had started sweeping the grit off of the pavements, temperatures plummeted and snow blew in from the East.

Ah well, it makes for some pretty photos. We just wish that we could finally go riding on the new bikes we bought ourselves for Christmas.

Here are some photos from this weekend taken walking just north of our home:

One of the Drei Heilige Pfühle (Three Holy Puddles!) 




Skater on Wandlitzsee


The Buddah in our garden

View of our wood-shed
At least the neighbour's Solaranlage is getting some sunshine!
Our garden again.
Nicht Barbecue Wetter!
But all is not a bleak forecast. I have seen fawns in the fields, and long strings of migrating cranes in the skies. The bird-feeder outside my study window is getting more active, including a whole family of blue tits that survived the Winter. A pair of siskins have also started visiting; here is a photo of the male:

Male siskin

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