Saturday, 4 May 2013

Freundschaftsinsel Potsdam - The Island of Friendship

„Wer Träume verwirklichen will, muss wacher sein und tiefer träumen als andere“ - Karl Foerster

"Those who want to fulfil their dreams, must be awake and dream deeper than others"

I think that many visitors to Potsdam will arrive at the Hauptbahnhof and jump on a tram to take them to the Old Town centre, or a bus to Sansoucci Park. That is a shame, because they will be missing out on one of Potsdam's little gems, the by turns inspiring and relaxing public park on the Freundshaftsinsel, or Island of Friendship.

This lies in the middle of the Havel, and is accessible by a wide green Westerly path from die Lange Brücke - the busy main road over the bridge into Potsdam town centre.

The island gets its name from a guest-house that used to be on the island 150 years ago. It became a garden showcase through the work of the garden philosopher and perennial grower Karl Foerster, who set up teaching gardens here between 1937 and 1940.

It was restored for the 2001 Bundesgartenshcau (BUGA), and with the restoration of the Nikolaikirche and Altes Rathaus, as well as the rebuilding of the Stadtschloss as the new Brandenburg Parliament Building, it is being further developed and growing in beauty.

Here are some photos taken there on a sunny Saturday in May.

Sculpture dedicated to Karl Foerster, with the inscription
„Wer Träume verwirklichen will, muss wacher sein und tiefer träumen als andere“


  1. A quite stunning set of photographs, love the light and particularly the shadows from the arbour.

  2. I love your photos. Thanks for sharing :)


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