Friday, 28 June 2013

In Celebration of German Markets! Photos of Jena Marktplatz

I love German markets for their fresh, seasonal, locally-sourced products!

Many German towns have a Marktplatz that seems to be the centre of life there. Often the Rathaus ranges across one side of the market square, and there is often a fountain and maybe even a Roland statue.

On market day these places come alive, when stalls are set up and are full of succulent fruit, local cheeses, and fresh vegetables. OK, also naff wooden handicrafts and fashion items that weren't even in style in DDR times, but I can overlook them.

Here are a few photos from market day in Jena in late June to give you a taster!

"All berries are from Thüringen"

Lots of the most gorgeous cherries.

Cherries were very much in season today!

Wonderful, fresh, local vegetables.

Hanfried Statue of the Electoral Prince Johann Friedrich the Magnanimous looks on magnaminously

"Cheese world" by local cheese expert Birgit Jentsch.
I want to live in Käsewelt!

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