Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunny Scarborough

Sunday, and a run out on the bus with my Mum to meet her sister, my Auntie Brenda, who was coming by coach from her home in the North Yorkshire Dales.

Scarborough was packed to the gunnels with tourists. I thought Whitby was bad the other day, but this was worse. The noise and the number of bodies packed together reminded me of the seabird colony on Flamborough Head. Oh my, it was busy.

Anyway, we managed to fight our way onto an open-topped bus and took a short, but very slow, trip along the sea front.

Here is my Mum, and here is my Auntie Brenda!

Mum and Brenda
I think Brenda has her fingers in her ears because of the noise.
Either that, or she has changed her religion. 
Scarborough, it has to be said, is not my favourite Yorkshire seaside resort. It is Bridlington's brasher, coarser, down-market cousin. But I can enjoy it well enough in small measures, and it has some quieter corners like the castle and Peasholm Park where you still get a feel of its history and past elegance. It even has a rather striking vegan cafe mixed in with the fish & chip shops and burger and candy-floss bars.

C-A-L-F Vegan and Vegetarian Cafe
More typical though are the numerous drinking holes that I wouldn't dare go into.

The Golden Last, Loyalist Pub
But Scarborough IS fun! End of the pier, crude, bottom-denominator fun, but still a great place to lift the holiday spirits. What other town would you look up and expect to see a waxwork dummy of the queen staring down at you?

Long to Watch Over Us ...
To escape the crowds, we took to the seas! The 'cruise' was a bit different from the Yorkshire Belle a few days before. More people were crammed in, they served beer, let you eat chips on-board (how come I'm eating so much chips here?!), and played seventies' pop music over the P.A.

Still, very enjoyable, and a different perspective on Scarborough.

Scarborough Castle

North Scarborough town

The Grand Hotel, Scarborough
Not one of Brenda's favourite hotels after a rather bad Christmas experience staying there.
Then, it was time to catch our bus and coach back. It was great seeing Auntie Brenda again, that's for sure. And seeing Scarborough again? Well maybe if I come back here in another year's time then I might be ready for it!

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