Friday, 19 July 2013

The Seelow Heights

The Seelow Heights are about 90km East of Berlin and overlook the Oderbruch, the Western flood-plain of the river Oder that marks the border here between Germany and Poland. We planned to cycle some more along the Oder-Neiße Radweg and this historic location, which saw some of the heaviest fighting of World War II, was our starting point.

The Battle of The Seelow Heights was fought over three days, from 16–19 April 1945. Close to one million Soviet soldiers of the 1st Belorussian Front (including 78,556 soldiers of the Polish 1st Army), commanded by Marshal Georgi Zhukov, attacked the position known as the "Gates of Berlin". They were opposed by about 110,000 soldiers of the German 9th Army,[4] commanded by General Theodor Busse, as part of the Army Group Vistula.

Here are some photos of the memorial monument, graveyard, and museum that we visited there.


  1. i see there are no tanks or graves of german soldiers ,, seeing its in germany

  2. There are more than enough graves of German soldiers in the graveyards nearby - sadly - but what happens is that you have separate burial grounds for different nationalities, which are maintained by their respective nations. This is a graveyard for Soviet soldiers who died taking the Seelow Heights. It was also an important battle for the Allied Forces in the final stages of WWII, so naturally the Soviets wanted to mark it and honour their soldiers who gave their lives to defeat the Nazis.


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