Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Big Freeze

It has been -15 degrees centigrade today. We went for a walk around Wandlitzsee and Liepnitzsee. The beauty of the frozen lakes was breath-taking, but my was it cold!

We heard a strange phenomenon: it sounded like there was a large flock of twittering birds out on Lieonitzsee, but we couldn't see any birds at all except the odd duck. We realised that it was the sound of the sheet of ice covering the lake that was making high-pitched cracks and squeaks as the ripples and waves of the water flexed it. Very eerie!

In the end my camera batteries gave in to the cold, but I managed to get a few shots before they died completely.

Ducks on Wandlitzsee

A lone seabird rests on the ice at Wandlitzsee

The ferry to Großer Werder island on Liepnitzsee. It doesn't run this time of year!

Großer Werder Island on Lipenitzsee

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  1. Wow - that's stunning! All the rivers around Berlin froze and people were throwing Christmas trees onto the ice! Very amusing!
    Hope it warms up where you are soon x


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