Friday, 28 March 2014

Lebenshaltungskosten - The Cost of Living in Germany

I am posting a receipt I got today at the local Rewe supermarket (click for bigger). Not because there is anything wrong with it, but because when we were looking to move to Germany we were curious about how much the cost of living would be. If there is anybody out there with a similar curiosity, then this might be of use. Also, it might be interesting if you are reading this in five years time to know how prices have changed.

The items are:
1x pack of filter coffee 500g
3.59 €
1x bag of large potatoes 2.5kg
2.49 €
1.5 litre carton of organic low-fat milk
1.05 €
1x pack of grated emmental cheese 200g
1.32 €
1x loaf of wholegrain toast bread 500g
1.09 €
1x bag of organic 45% fat mozzarella 125g
1.19 €
1x bag of organic bread flour 1kg
1.19 €
1x carton of 3.8% fat organic natural yoghurt 500g
0.99 €
1x bottle of olive oil 750 ml
2.99 €
1x carton of six organic free-range eggs
1.39 €
350g of cherry tomatoes on the vine
1.99 €
19.04 €
That comes to about 15 British pounds sterling at the current exchange rate.

I also got a 2 € refund for returning 8 plastic drinks bottles.

Right then, now I am off to make a pizza for dinner!


  1. before moving to berlin, we were also looking for something like this! the big things like rent or transportation are sort of easy to figure out... but little things like milk or bread or normal household things can get a bit trickier.

    we've found out about a website that sort of helps with some of this stuff: you can compare the costs of basic things between 2 cities, and it's updated by the members, so it's more or less accurate. :)

  2. Rewe is expensive, daaamn. I live across the street from an Aldi, which makes it about the only place I go. Besides coffee being about the same, everything else is about half the price. Interesting.

  3. Egal in welches Land man auch zieht, über die Lebenshaltungskosten sollte man sich immer vorher informieren, damit man schauen kann, ob man sich ein Leben vor Ort überhaupt leisten kann.


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