Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sehnsucht nach Schottland

There isn't an exact English word that quite expresses 'sehnsucht', but it is like a nostalgic longing, or yearning, or craving. Not surprisingly, it seems to get into the lyrics of every third German Schlager song. (and Schottland is of course German for Scotland)

More surprising is to get off the train at Jüterbog deep in rural Brandenburg and be confronted with a poster like this. It advertises a cultural event this evening, in this small former Soviet town, themed around a nostalgic longing for Scotland. It is advertised by an oh-good-lord-no-not-cliched-at-all highland-dress-wearing bagpiper posing in front of Eilean Donan castle. They even get a red telephone box in there - very Local Hero! Why they didn't go full hog and have Nessie in Loch Duich there in the background I don't know.

Oh, I know why, because the artist of this masterpiece probably has never been anywhere near Scotland, otherwise they would know that the Great Highland Bag-pipe is played the other way around! (i.e. drones over the left shoulder). Maybe sehnsucht is like looking back in time through a mirrored reflection. Or something. That might explain why his dirk is also in the wrong sock.

Much as I too have fond memories of the Scottish highlands, I think I'll give this a miss. Got far too much cycling along the Fläming-Skate to do today.

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