Sunday, 13 April 2014

Britzer Garten Tulpenfest

I have written about Britzer Garten on this blog before here; I concluded that it was a bit of a long travel to visit an okay garden that was all very nice but nothing special. I wondered then if it might be better when the tulips were out. I can report that oh yes, it most certainly is!And not just for the tulips, but for all the other stunning Spring flowers.

We went mid-April and perhaps about a third of the tulips were in bloom. I think that in the next few weeks it is going to get even more spectacular; so get yourself down there!

The best travel option for us was to go down the S2 to Gesundbrunnen Bahnhof, travel around the ring clockwise on the S41 to Hermannstraße, then catch the M44 bus (direction Stuthirtenweg) which in thirteen minutes stops just outside the entrance to the Britzer Garten. Or get off a stop before for the windmill.

Here are some photos of the day to tempt you.

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