Sunday, 13 April 2014

Urbex in the Roundhouses

The weather is not so good, so time for a bit of urban exploration. These photos were taken inside the two abandoned railway roundhouses near Pankow-Heinersdorf S-Bahnhof. Eventually, when they get around to re-develop this strip of wasteland (probably some time after the Berlin-Willy Brandt Airport is finally finished - don't hold your breath), these historic buildings will be renovated and incorporated into an exciting shopping, living and recreational space. Until then they are a playground for graffiti artists and urban explorers. And also from time to time, down-and-outs seeking shelter; take care.

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  1. Love it. At first thought maybe this had been filmed in this place, after looking at the first few photos. But not so sure. A lot of these places have a very similar look and feel to them...


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