Sunday, 4 May 2014

John Lennon High School

Wandering about Berlin Mitte, I noticed that I was passing a school named after John Lennon. How cool is that?

Apparently it used to be conservatively named after SPD Chairman "August Bebel" (c.f. Bebelplatz etc.) but in 1994 it got A name-change after a campaign with the motto "Beatle statt Bebel". I believe they had to get Yoko Ono's permission to use the name.

As a Beatles' fan when I was growing up, I can but applaud the use of John's name in the furtherance of education. I went to a school named 'Headlands' (as in the headland - top - of a field) which didn't exactly inspire intellectual achievement. Now I wonder if there is a George Harrison Oberschule? (my fave mop-top, he were well gear).

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