Saturday, 3 May 2014

Surrealismus, oder was?

Berlin has over two hundred museums, from the worthies like the Pergamon and the Neues Museum, through the various Kiez and Heimat museums, to those of niche interest such as the Teddy Bear Museum; the Schwules (GLBT) Museum, the Computer Games Museum, and even the Currywurst Museum. So it is always interesting when you come across yet another museum, and think 'there's a museum to that?!'

Thus it was when we stumbled across the bizarre surreales Museum für industrielle objekte on Torstrasse 201 (I'll leave you to work out the translation).

Unfortunately, the doors were open but there was nobody around to invite us in, just a larger-than-life superhero model blocking the entrance and a sign saying admission was 6€ (but who to pay?).

The displays in the windows on the street look intriguing enough, and I am sure we will be back to explore further. In the meantime, here is a video about it filmed inside the museum (in German), and some of my photos of what we could see:

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