Thursday, 25 December 2014

Have Yourselves a Curry Little Christmas!

Are you fed up with the same old Christmas dinner of turkey, roast-potatoes, and (bleurgh!) brussel sprouts year after year? Does your idea of Christmas spices only extend as far as ginger, cinnamon, star anise, and nutmeg? Should a Winter Warmer be more than just a glass of Glühwein, and instead bring on an actual sweat? That's what we were thinking when we decided to have a very untraditional Indian curry feast for Christmas dinner - an Anti-Christmas Dinner as it were.

We invited a couple of American friends over and spent most of Christmas day working our way through four courses of spicy, home-made, Indian goodies. First course was papadums with raita and a selection of pickles and chutneys, washed down with a cold glass of Sekt:

After that we had American-made salad to cool us off, together with mushroom and broccoli pakoras straight out of the karahi.

Then onto the main course, which consisted of a selection from a bowl of a mild and creamy pumpkin, chickpea and coconut curry, and a bowl of fiery aubergine, tomato and mushroom curry. Of course heaps of basmati rice and home-made naan bread, plus a rather cheeky Californian red wine, were on hand:

Finally we had a Nigella Lawson gluten-free clementine cake with orange jelly cubes and home-made chocolate and orange ice-cream drizzled with a fruit compote. No photos of that, as we were all too busy demolishing it! Delicious! (though maybe not particularly Indian).

The feast was a great success and we were full to bursting. No room even for cheese and biscuits and a glass of mango lassi that we had planned.

Next Christmas we might get the tajine out and have a Moroccan-themed feast. Do you want to join us?

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