Sunday, 5 June 2016

Chamomile - Kamille

One of my most favorite wild-flowers of early Summer is undoubtedly chamomile, with its sweet, distinctive scent that puts me in mind of a cup of soothing camomile tea.

I didn't realise that there are two varieties of commonly cultivated chamomile; Chamaemelum nobile or Roman or English chamomile, and Matricaria chamomilla, aka Chamomilla recutita, or German chamomile. I guess that by its name, the flower filling the cornfields around us is the German one. Whatever, it smells divine and gladdens the eye!

As a blonde-haired person, it also reminds me of rinsing my hair in an infusion of dried chamomile petals then letting it dry in the Summer sun. Nowadays my hair is getting more white than yellow, but the scent brought back a warm Proustian Madeleine remembrance of things past.

Let me share with you some photos of chamomile, taken on a cycle through Brandenburg on a lovely Summer's day.

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  1. This is lovely and it makes me happy to see that such kind of meadows still exist. Thank you and greetings from Hamburg.


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