Monday, 22 May 2017

Sunset on Ahrenshoop

If you have heard about Germany's Baltic coast, but have never actually visited, then you might think that all the coastal towns face north. It is true that often as you climb over the usual Deich or dyke that separates road from beach, you will be confronted by rows of Strandkörbe (wicker basket beach chairs) and their occupants all facing you, and the South, and not the sea in the opposite direction.

However the coastline is a convoluted, twisty thing, and you do end up with some beaches facing West. These are great for getting photos of the sun setting into the sea, as with these taken at Ahrenshoop on the Darß peninsula.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Impossibly Picturesque Village of Born

There are many holiday villages on the Darß peninsula, but most of them have a sameness about them. Born is an exception. Some of its cottages, though Ferienhäuser, have protected Denkmal status, and most of them have an individuality and authenticity that makes walking around the village a delight.

Here are a few photos from Born, though I could have posted many more.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Nature on the Darß Peninsula

From Prerow we took a twelve kilometre round-trip walk to the lighthouse on the tip of the Darß peninsula through the most wonderfully wild nature you could want.

Remember though to pack some mosquito repellent and wear some stout walking boots!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Prerow, Vorpommern-Rügen

We are enjoying a rest at the seaside, in the small town of Prerow on the Baltic coast.

It is a prefect place to recharge your batteries and enjoy nature, as well as eat glorious ice cream!

Here are a few photos from my album.

Teddy in Bärenwald

Ted is visiting Bärenwald (bear forest), a sanctuary for rescued bears in the Mecklenburg lake district.

"Since 2006, the BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz has provided mistreated and neglected bears with a safe and natural home.  At the time of writing, 16 brown bears live in the open air enclosure, which covers an area of some 16 hectares. " Source: The Bärenwald website

Here are some photos of Teddy's larger cousins:

Actually, real brown bears are a bit scary for tiny Ted, so he makes his escape whilst a bear looks the other way!

Ted's verdict: Bärenwald Müritz is doing a worthy job of rescuing bears. They are not kept in cages (like most of them used to be), but instead in large areas of forest where they live in their own natural dens and socialise as bears do in the wild. Fenced pathways through the forest allow visitors to observe the bears without disturbing them. Because the bears are roaming free, there is no guarantee that you will see all the bears (Ted saw six), but there are lots of other activities and information about bears to keep the young visitor engaged. Probably best not to visit them in Winter though, when the bears will be hibernating!