Saturday, 8 July 2017


We broke camp at Schönau and headed West, our destination Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Not far out of Berchtesgaden we passed through the small toen of Ramsau, and just had to stop to take a snap.

The rest of the journey didn't work so well. We were planning on taking the scenic mountain route into Austria and we almost made it until the road ended with a road-block for construction. We then had to retrace our route all the way back to Berchtesgaden, so that we could take the main road instead.

About three hours later we returned back to only a few hundred metres from where the road-block was, but on the other side. With time short, we then travelled on to Innsbruck hoping to find a hotel there for the night. No luck! And so we travelled on up into the mountains looking for an inn for the night.

Eventually, after fighting through a torrential thunderstorm, we found a room in a hotel. Where it was, and what the hotel was called, I have no idea. But for some reason it was filled with Italian motor- bikers.

Ah well, on to Garmisch tomorrow!

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