Thursday, 6 July 2017

Rossfeld Panoramastraße Bavaria

Just outside Berchtesgaden is the start of the Rossfeld Panoramastraße ( also known as die Roßfeldhöhenringstraße ). This is a steeply climbing road that takes you up to a viewing area at a height of 1,600m offering spectacular views of the surrounding Alpine landscape.

The road has a toll for vehicles, currently 8 € for a car, 4.50 € for a motorbike. We took our 'black devil' and gave it a thorough testing of the gears and brakes. We noted that the road is popular with Ferrari and Porsche sports car motorists, giving their status symbols a run out.

If you go on the road with a bicycle, it is free, but you will have to be super-fit to get up the steep gradients. Must be fun coming down again though!

Here are a few photos I took:

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