Friday, 7 July 2017


Taking a day out from going up and down mountains, we decided to revisit Salzburg, a city we'd been to many years before.

Salzburg is of course famous for one thing; it is the setting for 'The Sound of Music'! It is not surprising then that the place is full of TSOM fans cosplaying at locations featured in the film. For example, these von Trapp-lookalikes at the horse fountain in Residenzplaz:

Ted is also a big The Sound of Music fan, so he too wanted a photo at the fountain. He doesn't have an outfit made out of curtains, for which we can all be glad.

This is a pull-back to how the fountain looks without Fans of Maria:

I would include this fountain in my Top 10 Favourite Fountains of Europe; not as high a placing as the Trevi in Rome or the Neptune fountain at Versailles, but better than the Märchenbrunnen (Fairytale Fountain) of Berlin. It was built in the mid-seventeenth century out of marble taken from the Untersberg - which we have been up!

Apart from The Sound of Music, I guess Salzburg is also the birth-place in 1756 of a little-known composer and musician called Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I believe he was also a prominent chocolatier, as every other shop in Salzburg seems to sell boxes of his Mozartkugel. Anyway, there is a statue to him in Mozartplatz:

And you can also visit his birthplace, if you don't mind sharing the experience with a hundred other tourists.

I must admit that after seemingly having whole mountains to ourselves, the tourist-packed streets of Salzburg did get a bit much. Though in retrospect, looking back over the photos below, in reality it wasn't exactly like pushing your way down Oxford Street, London or Friedrichstraße, Berlin on a Saturday.

These next two, at Schloss Mirabell, also featured in The Sound of Music, but the von Trapp children were singing and running around after Sister Maria, not taking selfies.

Above Salzburg is the 'Salt Fortress' that gives the city its name. I remember when I first saw it, that it reminded me of what I imagined Kafka's Castle would look like. That was before I saw the castle at Prague. Oh Mamma!

But like Kafka's 'The Castle', we've not yet managed to actually get up to it and inside it. Maybe one day. I remember from Val McDermid's novel 'The Mermaids Singing' that it has a really quite remarkable medieval torture chamber ...

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